Treasure Trove

“Treasure Trove” (群益寶庫) is a Non Governmental Organisation founded by the Boy’s and Girl’s Club Association of Hong Kong  (BCGA) to provide support to underprivileged children in the form of funds, resources and learning opportunities in order to  develop their talents in Academics, Arts and Sports. The nature of Treasure Trove’s operations heavily rely on the aid and support from the community; therefore it is important that the branding of this cause makes it eye-catching and easily identifiable to the community. These key values are integrated into the design of Treasure Trove’s logo.

To achieve this, the theme of the logo design is centred towards a more minimalistic approach, opting a minimal use of colours and the sketch of a simple line art illustration featuring two children engaging in their talents. A self-created font type pairs the logo illustration in order to keep the consistency in design of the font.