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Rabbit Studio

We are multi-disciplinary design and digital agency, specialised in creating experiences and engagements in various channels.

Brand Experience

We create brand identities. We’re specialists in designing memorable brands that reside within the hearts and minds of your customers.

Service Experience

We forge connections. Our services aim to foster long-lasting bonds between your organisation and your customers.

User Experience

We improve user experiences. Our team is dedicated to helping your customers receive the best user experience they possibly can.

Customer Engagement

We drive customer engagement. With the expertise of our specialists, we support your company in providing your customers with a high-quality customer experience.




Through precise audience analysis and targeting, we aim to amplify your business value by ensuring you receive the best design and digital strategy suited for you and your company. To achieve that, we strive to provide a wide variety of services that may cater to the needs of your business.

Visual and Branding

We create brand identities. We’re specialists in designing branding designs that will form a memorable impression in the hearts and minds of your customers. Our distinctive logos and corporate identities designs include every ingredient needed to capture the attention of your audience.

Creative and Marketing

We craft comprehensive creative content that help your company leverage your brand and products through various digital channels effectively and efficiently. With the support of our specialists, we help you strategise the best digital marketing plan to maximise the efforts of your digital strategy.

Design-driven Innovation

We envision and shape services that simplify the complex process of innovation for consumers and employees, working across multiple touchpoints. We help you invent or reinvent the services of your company, taking into factor the interactction between your product and its users.

Design-led Strategy

We target your core business values by pioneering marketing ideas and content that place the interests of your customers firmly at the heart. Through our design-led strategy, we help you frame the importance behind the necessity of making a change, who for, and how this would benefit your company in the long run.

Interested in working with us?

Whether you are making a general enquiry or looking for a prospective partner, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us. Our specialists will handle your enquiries individually and guide you through the process to come up with a unique solution for you to achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate and contact us now!