Social Media Agency in Hong Kong

Rabbit Studio is an upcoming social media agency in Hong Kong. We are a team of the creative and enthusiastic team to provide social media strategy and management services. Our goal is to help our clients create a creative, unique social and marketing strategy best suited for their business.

Social Media has become a key channel of communication between organisations and customers. From every engagement such as likes and shares you get from your social media channels, we will help you strategise the best social media plan to maximise the efforts of social strategy.

Social Media Marketing

What can we do for you? Check out our list of provided services for social media management to gain a better understanding of which of our services suit your purpose best.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media strategy is the use of social media platforms to shape your brand identity to your audience. To ensure our Social Media Marketing strategies provide the greatest benefit to you and your company, our team would assist you in managing the content production and  aesthetic balance of your Social Media page.

Social Media Management

Social media platforms have become an integrated place where you can contact your target audience. That’s why our team is dedicated into helping you create a social strategy that would help you generate brand awareness on popular social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Our specialists will guide you through the steps in establishing a  memorable social identity and execute online promotion.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the key to capturing your target audience’s attention to your brand. Through the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content, we help your social media page attract and retain your target audience.

Data Analytics

We create campaigns using data-driven process. To enable an accurate insight and analysis for your organisation’s social media performance, it is key that we track your social media performance.

Digital Campaign

In order to deliver your branding message to a wide audience, we will provide creative ideas to produce engaging and attractive digital campaigns. Our team has extensive experience in running digital and social campaigns with brands featuring interactive activities  such as games and gift redemption

Project Showcase

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