Rabbit Studio is a design and digital agency based in Asia’s business hub, Hong Kong since 2015. In 2017, we became the member company under Incu-App Programme, HKSTP and featured service provider of Cocoon.

We are a team of creative and innovative professionals specialising in design and digital strategy. Our goal is to help our clients create a creative, unique marketing strategy best suited for their business.

Through precise audience analysis and targeting, we aim to ensure you receive the best digital strategy suited for you and your company. To achieve that, we strive to provide a wide variety of services that will ensure that every digital strategy is tailored to suit the needs of your business.



2021_ Communicator Awards, Award of Excellence (Virtual Events) – Design Inspire Online 2020
2021_ Communicator Awards, Award of Excellence (User Interface) – Youth Square

2020_ AWWWards, Honorable Mentions – Design Inspire Online 2020
2020_ VEGA Digital Awards, Arcturus Winner (User Experience) – Youth Square
2020_ Horizon Interactive Awards, Best of the Category (Website)- Design Inspire Online 2020
2020_ Horizon Interactive Awards, Silver Awards (Website) – Youth Square

2019_ 1st HK Digital Advertising Start-ups X Publishing (Writers) Promotion Support Scheme – 優異獎 – 超人間失格

2018_ AWWWards, Honorable Mentions –  Onon Dining Group Website

2017_ LINE Tokyo Chatbot Award 2017